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Slinky Vibe Records


  Born in November 2009 from a desire to make sure I had a means of putting my own Records out through an Official Channel where I could oversee Production, Distribution and Manufacture and have a Home for Upcoming Video?s I decided to create my own Record Label.

If I had known the sheer drudgery built into the setting up of a Record Label before I began, to be perfectly honest I would not have engaged with the Process. Martin-Anthony-EganLuckily I didn?t so Presto! Here it is. Slinky Vine in all its glorious Readiness.

The first Release on Slinky Vibe will be by Martin A. Egan on March 5th 2010. An Inaugural Limited Edition of ?The Tune? my Album Recorded between 1992-1997 with all sorts of Irish Luminaries (and ME) playing on it. Its an Album with a chequered history in that 4 of the Tracks were recorded by Mary O?Regan for her Album ?Every Punch Needs a Kiss? released on Magnetic Music Records in Germany resulting in Mary and my Song being Nominated for the German Music Award in 1997. Prior to this a Song I wrote for Christy Moore was included on the Album ?Live from the Point? which spent the majority of 1996 in the Irish Charts including 16 weeks at No 1.

The Album is special in many ways not least in that it features the work of the late Jimmy Faulkner whose guitar work is especially poignant as he has since passed on. It also represents many facets of my own life including the Song

"I Know" which I wrote in an attempt to reach out to my late Sister Tina Benwell-Egan who passed away tragically almost 11 years to the day

of "The Tune's" Release.

The Album is dedicated to my parents John and Bernie Egan and also my ex-wife Aina Davis and our late children. The Signed Limited Edition will be available through Claddagh Records Shop and Website and also in City Discs, Road Records, and selected Shops throughout the Country.

Release No 2 on Slinky Vibe Records has been whittled down to the final 15 Songs and will be ready for Release by late Autumn 2010. Again it will be a Martin A. Egan Solo Album. There is one other Release under construction as I write but this will have to remain Slinky Vibe?s secret.

The Site will give Details of Up-coming Releases and Information on my Touring Activities.  Extra Curricular Projects in which I am involved including my prose and Poetry Works and Visual Art will be reported on at www.martinaegan.com